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Updated: May 12, 2020

To celebrate its American dream inspired collection, 8IGB take us to the bowling for the most savage and crowded shooting ever. The exasperate blurry effect perfectly translates the athmosphere.


This’s the name of 8IGB community clothing's new collection.

With this purposely misspelt word, 8IGB give us the key to guess the two big themes that characterize this new collection; on one hand the tourist/traveler (on the ROAD) and on the other hand the Local/native (RODEO), a mix that generated a totally brand new style and identity. Native Americans’ traditional clothes meeting nowadays streetwear give birth to big poncho t-shirts and sweat-shirts hemmed by fringes. The bleach tie-dye remind of the rusty, abandoned gas stations along the never-ending highways in the US. To complete this American dream, cows and trucks decorate t-shirts like basketball idols or famous car racers.

8IGB got inspired by all these American stereotypes to create a new type of silhouette in streetwear’s wardrobe.

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